Austin Location indoor kart racing

Indoor Karting Austin

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    NOTE: No Junior races after 8pm on Friday and Saturday.


      One challenging track

      Adult and Junior electric karts

      Pit Cafe serves snacks & drinks

      Nightclub-style lighting

      Two meeting rooms with A/V connections


    Arrive & Drive







    Indoor Go Kart Racing Austin

    Austin, Texas, the home of Formula One racing in America, is also now home to K1 Speed – America’s premier indoor karting experience! If you want a taste of F1 racing for yourself, the first K1 Speed location to call the great state of Texas home – K1 Speed Austin – is for you!  We offer world-class indoor go kart racing to satisfy the adrenaline needs of diehard and casual motor sport fans alike; our European-style 20hp electric karts make racing with friends and family a thrill, and make a visit to K1 Speed an unforgettable experience! Our indoor kart tracks are among the largest in the nation, and provide an experience that is truly unique. We aim not only to provide individuals with authentic, heart-pounding wheel-to-wheel racing, but also strive to offer an atmosphere that is if not as exciting as the on-track racing action, nearly so! Drivers get to experience dizzying G-forces and speeds of nearly 45mph on the track, and when not racing, can browse through our museum-worthy collection of racing memorabilia, including race suits from famous drivers, race cars, autographed paraphernalia, and amazing art work.

    Indoor Karting in Austin – The K1 Speed Difference

    K1 Speed will redefine your notion of what go kart racing is. To put it simply, these aren’t your parents’ go karts! In fact, once you try our high-performance, environmentally-friendly electric go karts, you will never be able to “race” the go karts at your local miniature golf course or amusement park again! We take great pride in the superb performance of our karts, and are confident that you will appreciate the difference.


    As with every K1 Speed indoor karting location, the track at K1 Speed Austin is professionally designed to ensure our customers’ safety, and to provide a challenging, yet fun driving experience. K1 Speed Austin provides a complete indoor go kart racing experience in Central Texas; residents of greater Austin, including Round Rock, can live our their F1 and NASCAR fantasies 365 days a year!

    Arrive and Drive Racing

    To satisfy the diverse needs of Austin residents, there are a variety of ways to experience indoor go kart racing at K1 Speed. We provide a number of popular race packages and Arrive and Drive racing for individuals wishing to challenge friends, family, or the clock at any time of day (excluding during private closures). Our Arrive and Drive racing option allows both novice and experienced racers to test their skills, and settle a score, anytime! Though you’ll be racing wheel-to-wheel against other drivers, winning will require far more than simply holding off the person behind you, as the winner is determined by fastest lap time, adding an additional degree of difficulty and strategy to an already challenging race!

    Special Events and Corporate Packages

    In addition to Arrive and Drive racing and our Challenge GP race league, we also offer birthday, corporate, and special event packages, including:



    We can help schedule an event for you that will be truly special if you are planning an event with a large number of guests, be it for a private function or business event. Our Austin karting location has meeting rooms, Wi-Fi connectivity, projection screens, televisions, and available catering. To learn more about these packages, you are encouraged to call K1 Speed Austin today.


    Don’t wait! Experience the thrill and excitement of indoor go kart racing for yourself, today. K1 Speed Austin is situated within easy access of city residents, and individuals from surrounding communities, including Round Rock, will find it is more than worth the drive. Please feel free to contact K1 Speed today to schedule a reservation, get directions to our Austin indoor karting location, inquire about private closures, or buy gift cards.

    Clean, professional and efficient
    Marlon Rodriguez
    Marlon R.
    00:47 08 Nov 19
    The staff REALLY NEEDS to check their attitudes!!!! Most of them were rude and made us feel like we were bothering them when we asked a question, but the carts were really fun,it's nice it's inside so u can run the carts in any weather. Great 4 team building and corporate events.
    Shane Griffiths
    Shane G.
    15:13 26 Oct 19
    I think they were making my car slow on purpose. It was a long wait too. Other then that good fun.
    Nick Longman
    Nick L.
    18:06 09 Oct 19
    I had a Total Blast with one of my best friends here! We purchased 3 Races, and towards the end, both were physically exhausted. Totally worth it! It's a little more physically intense than I had assumed. Pleasantly surprised, these indoor karts go quite a bit faster than I thought they would.I highly recommend purchasing at least 2 Races, especially if you're a newbie like we were. It takes at least 1 Race to "warm-up" become familiar with the Track
    Cameron Harris
    Cameron H.
    00:03 09 Oct 19
    Very good time, unfortunately got in a head on collision but had a great time.
    RM1010 _
    RM1010 _
    17:59 28 Sep 19
    Fun place for a fun go kart race. It's not anything childish like austin park and pizza. It's the good stuff.
    Brigham Hawkins
    Brigham H.
    00:20 22 Sep 19
    We had a blast! Friendly staff and clean.
    Zack Murray
    Zack M.
    04:00 21 Sep 19
    A great time for everyone in Austin!
    Eon Dutram
    Eon D.
    15:22 20 Sep 19
    Awesome indoor race track!!!
    Nitesh Lakhwani
    Nitesh L.
    02:53 20 Sep 19
    It's fun to go fast🚘
    Ryland Riedel
    Ryland R.
    17:54 07 Sep 19
    Cool place, vibing space, electric race, K1 pace~
    Flash Jones
    Flash J.
    02:04 05 Sep 19
    Some fun times here but lately staff has been obnoxious. I get you’re a bunch of barely old adults but to hear some of the convos these guys has makes it a wonder. Track itself is fun and been here quite a couple times. I get to visit here due to family and we always head out here and the one in Toronto for weekend fun but to owners, please have a meeting and get your staff to be more customer oriented. Other than that facilities are fun and would continue coming here.
    Toronto Reviewed
    Toronto R.
    18:55 02 Sep 19